The Man Who Never Was

The Man Who Never Was at Lewannick Community Cinema

This true story of ingenious deception is a riveting tale of wartime espionage - a daring intelligence operation designed to mislead the Nazis prior to the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily.

On 30 April, 1943 the body of a Royal Marines officer was found drifting off the coast of Huelva, Spain. Attached to his belt was a briefcase containing a number of classified letters, among them a top-secret letter from Sir Archibald Nye, then Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff in the War Office, to General Sir Harold Alexander, the British commander in North Africa under American General Dwight D Eisenhower, identifying Greece and Sardinia for invasion by the Allies.

Copies of these precious documents quickly made their way into German hands and by May 1943, Hitler had taken measures to defend both places, sending his troops to fortify their position in Sardinia, Corsica and Greece, and further ordering two additional panzer divisions to prepare to move from Greece to Russia. Two months later, the Allies stormed into Sicily with hardly any resistance from German and Italian defenders, whose eyes were turned northwards to Sardinia. The operation was a success - probably the greatest deception in the game of modern military strategy.

Cert: U - 103 mins.